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    figure out how to do it the best way, then do it
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    Software design is the first step in SDLC (Software Design Life Cycle),
    which moves the concentration from problem domain to solution domain.

    It tries to specify how to fulfill the requirements mentioned in SRS.
    Architectural Design, High-level Design, Detailed Design, Coupling, Cohesion
    Analyse your tests thoroughly, Unit Testing, Keep notes on everything, Descriptive Bug Reports
    Complexity, Support programs, Technical consulting, Training

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ByteHeart has Promising Dedicated Team.

We focus on long time relationship with customer and adding values in client business. We believe in reliability, quality of work and extensibility .

Our Work

Who We Are

ByteHeart is a fresh company. We establish our company five years ago. In this short times, we have a thorough knowledge about the various requirements in the world of IT. We have been working on local, national as well as international projects and that tells us what most of our clients need.

Our area of expertise varies greatly. We have members who are expert in Sitecore, .NET,MVC, etc. They possess the skills to be recognized worldwide. You will find that it a great opportunity to work with them. They are always into tuning up things for the project purposes but when it comes to help others, all of them are very good helping hands. They frequently organize training sessions for other members to deliver adequate knowledge but there is no limitation on joining a session. Most people consider this opportunity is one of best things they get from us.

Based on customer needs we provide customized solutions on various technologies with our long-term commitment to support client goals.

We never compromise with the quality of our software, based on the budget. We believe that one poor solution will close down the client's expectations and faith that we have been possessing for years. Moreover, our continuous endeavor of providing better solutions has rewarded us with many big projects. Our pool of extraordinary programmers always keeps on learning new technologies and tries to integrate new techniques into the projects.

We help you build great Software within budget

We empower you with award winning teams that help you innovate and build great software products. Form the team that suits you best, on a short notice and only when you need it. You benefit from our amazing work environment and proven development process - that makes us passionate about what we do and reliable in our delivery. For more than a decade we have helped Fortune 500 enterprises to start-ups launch products faster, better and at lower cost.

Our Blog

10 FEB

CORS Sitecore API

This is another very important Sitecore API expose blog. Very simply, we can resolve the CORS issue.

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