Armed Forces Insurance

Sitecore JSS, Sitecore 9 Update 3, MVC

Armed Forces Insurance (AFI) is a "reciprocal exchange", a type of cooperative insurer in which the policyholders bear a relationship to each other.
Initially the AFI project was built on Sitecore 9.0.1 platform. The first challenge was to upgrade the Sitecore version of this project. We were able to successfully upgrade the Sitecore version to 9.3.0 for this project. After that we developed custom forms with Sitecore to run the business smoothly. As this was an insurance company we had to deal with a huge amount of data.
Sitecore JSS was the next big challenge for this project. We have implemented many custom modules with Sitecore and Sitecore JSS to make the experience smooth.


Used Technologies: Sitecore JSS, Sitecore 9 Update 3, C#,, MVC, HTML, CSS, JS, WCF Services, Windows Services, REST API, JQuery , Json, MS SQL Server, OData, RDLC Local Report, IIS, GIT, Github.