SGI Bookstore

Microsoft Dyanmic 365, Sitecore Commerce 9.1,Chase Payment Integration

SGI is one of the largest Bookstore site and it is based on US. There are number of module we have to customize here including Catalog, Checkout Process, Payment, Shipping Cost. To connect Dyanmic, we have used EPAM connector. Our Primary source of data is Microsoft Dynamic 365. We have connected to USPS, Fedex for shipping cost calculation and for Payment, we have connected to Chase. Also, we have custom business logic for Tax Calculation. It is B2c Web store.


Used Technologies: Microsoft Dyanmic 365, Sitecore Commerce 9.1, Sitecore CMS 9.1.1, Chase Payment Integration, JQuery, Knockout JS, C#, MVC, TFS, Jira,Scrum.